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How long will this case take?

A few months is the preferable answer. However, there some cases that take much longer. There are two possible reasons for this. One is that people can have complicated situations that require a lot of professional review. For example, property issues where there is a significant business owned which needs to be professionally valued, that process may take a number of months to occur, and so the case may take a year or so before all information is available and decisions can be made. Other cases can have conflicts between the parties over issues such as children’s schedule or children visiting the other parent, and there has to be assessments and processes in order to complete this. If the case can be resolved through negotiation, maybe even mediation (involving a professional mediator as well as counsel), and there is significant efforts and desire by both sides to resolve the issues quickly, they may be resolved in two or three months and the final Separation Agreement put into place.

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