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Private Investigation in Divorce Cases and with Cheating Spouses

Private Investigators can be very crucial in a family law case, including when there is evidence of cheating spouses.


Financial disclosure and understanding of income of a party in a family law case also may require a private investigator.


Some of the ways that an investigator may help in a family law case may be as follows:


  1. finding hidden assets or hidden bank accounts;

  2. finding and proving additional income sources for child support or spousal support;

  3. finding and proving misconduct behaviour or criminal activity;

  4. investigating child custody issues;

  5. investigating extramarital affairs, adultery, or reckless spending of money; or

  6. proving spousal abuse or domestic violence


When Your Spouse Becomes Your Worst Enemy


A life partner to whom a person commits their love and devotion, may become a stranger, a liar and a cheater. Instead of being a good parent, they may be the most destructive force to your child’s development.


Instead of being a financial support, a spouse or life partner may be putting you into financial ruin. They may have incurred reckless debts. They may want to leave you with nothing, and wish only that you would go away and disappear. In some cases it is the spouse that makes the person disappear, as the largest percentage of murders and serious assaults are family related (approximately 50% of all murders annually in Ontario are family related).


You Need Protection


Protection starts with the understanding your situation. You need the truth, even if it hurts. A good private investigator can get the facts and proove what you need. Even the best family law legal representation by a firm like DeRusha Law Firm cannot get a proper and best family law result without proper investigation.


Your safety, your financial well-being, and the protection of your children in the areas of child custody must be your priority. If there has been adultery, you should know about it, and have the proof. Adultery is one of the grounds for divorce.


You may need to set up proper security at your residence, and proper protection for yourself and your children. You may need the advice not only of the best family law lawyers, but the advice of the best private investigators.


Financial Security


Financial security requires investment. You must invest your time and provide information to the best family law lawyers you can hire. You must invest time and money with the best private investigators to make sure the background information is available.


Your spouse may not want to pay the right amount of spousal support or child support. They may be deliberately hiding their earnings and lying about their income. If there is money being made, without tax being paid on it, that amount of money for calculation of spousal support or child support is actually increased for the tax that would be paid. In other words, the amount of money is being treated as “net income” and can be even greater in effect than just the dollars themselves. That is why the best private investigator, and the best family lawyer, each work with you and listen to what you say, to get the proof and evidence to get you what you deserve.


Proving Spousal Abuse


Spousal abuse, whether it be by insulting behaviour, threats, sexual demands, or assaults occurring “behind closed doors”, the best private investigators are needed to explore how this can be proven. The best family law lawyer wants to know what occurred, and wants to be able to have proof. Spousal abuse, domestic violence and spousal assaults are actionable, which means that they may be a cause of action which results in financial recovery for the victim. Those claims can only be made if the best private investigators are engaged to assemble the proof.


Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse


The best private investigators know what to look for as warning signs for a cheating spouse. These may include:


  1. spending additional time at work or away from the family;

  2. new habits, or time spent on the phone or computer;

  3. new hobbies, new interests, new friends;

  4. reluctance or no interest in intimacy;

  5. special attention to appearance, physique, clothes or image;

  6. reluctance to discuss family or financial concerns;

  7. new expenses, or incurring unexplained debts; or

  8. your spouse says they are “no longer in love” or “the passion is gone.”


Just having concerns or suspicions may not be enough for you to act. This is because the person is the one you trust, believe in and may still love. You need the best private investigator, and the best family law lawyer, to help you to understand your real situation. Until you understand your situation, you cannot act appropriately; you cannot do what you need to do to protect yourself personally, financially, and protect your children.


Sorting out a Family Law Proceeding


The areas in which your family law case would be considered may have the following:


  1. Children (custody, schedule, access, and child support)

  2. Spousal support (a balanced and fair division of all family income)

  3. Division of Property (equalization of property, house, pensions etc.).

  4. Availability of Incidentals (benefits, and being named as beneficiary on life insurance)

  5. Divorce (grounds: adultery; unconscionable behaviour or separation)


If there is a court proceeding, evidence and proof of facts must be submitted. This requires proof, which requires the best investigation. It also requires the best presentation of the evidence, which requires the best family lawyer that you can arrange.


To avoid a lengthy court proceeding, and resolve the case quickly and efficiently, the proof of positions needed to be available. If the proof is there, then both sides will know this, and no trial will occur. Especially the best family law lawyers do not want to have a trial and lose. They avoid this by negotiating when the proof is there and the evidence is clear. That is why one often resorts to the best private investigators, to get the best evidence, so the case can be resolved quickly, effectively and successfully.


Finding the Best Family Investigators


The best family law lawyers, such as at DeRusha Law Firm do not expect their clients to know how to find what is needed to advance the case. This is probably the first time that person has ever been in this situation. Thus, the experience of a good family law lawyer is to be able to make a referral to private investigators to do the best family law investigation possible.


The family law lawyers at DeRusha Law Firm have confidence in the following investigators:


Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc.

Toronto: 416-253-7878
Mississauga: 905-625-1736
Brampton: 905-625-1737
Greater Toronto Area: 1-877-646-7878


These investigators are very good family law investigators. Their investigative team is comprised of former senior peace officers, former senior police detectives, former military intelligence experts and other forms of peace officers, such as correctional officers. Each of their team members brings years of training, and decades of experience. They figure out what is needed, and then get it.


In terms of financial investigations, they have experienced professionals in fraud detection, money manipulation and hidden money practices, including in foreign investments. They have global partnerships that enable them to provide investigative services nationally and worldwide if required.


DeRusha Law Firm has skilled and experienced family law lawyers determined to make sure that your case is looked after fully and properly from the beginning to the end. If investigation is required, referrals will be made to engage the best family investigators possible.

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