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Advanced Funeral Planning

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Advance Planning


Our firm has information and knowledge about advanced planning. This is the planning that is done by the individual, which takes all of the pressure and indecision away from the family members at the critical time of death.


Decision-Making without Advance Planning


In terms of who has the legal authority to make decisions, a partial list would include the executor(s) as named in a will, but if there is no will, it is usually done by the spouse or adult children (18 and older).


The question then arises as to what if the various family members do not agree, and who should be the ultimate decision maker if there is disagreement. Thus advance planning, at least through some directions or guidelines as set out in the will, or sometimes by actually making the contractual arrangements, is a better way to proceed.


Questions to Consider


The questions arise as to burial or cremation; if burial – where?; if cremation – there should be some direction about the ashes (which can either be distributed or scattered). These are challenging questions for anybody during their lifetime, but when a family member passes away, they are very critical decisions, which need to be made quickly.


If these decisions are made in advance, then no one at that critical time is in turmoil. If the arrangements have been made in advance, the cost and process will be relatively smooth.


Getting Information


The information about advanced planning and prior arrangements is available from a variety of funeral centers. Our firm has information available from Meadowvale Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Centre, which is a modern facility in Brampton. If you would like we can provide materials for your review and consideration, including their latest pricelists.


We have no financial connection with this business. However we can provide information as an example and you would make your own personal arrangements.


Set out below are the particulars of Pauline Wainwright, Cemetery and Funeral Free – Planning Advisor:


cell: 416 – 677 – 9505

office: 905 – 451 – 3716, extension 6834


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