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Family Law and Divorce Options

When it comes to dealing with family law problems such as divorce or separation, our experienced family lawyers can help you. Whether you are seeking a marriage contract, separation agreement, divorce, custody and access schedule, or child or spousal support, there are options available to you:

  1. Family Mediation
  2. Family Arbitration
  3. Family Law Litigation involving mediation of issues at conferences with judges, sometimes with a mediator or arbitrator.


Family Mediators

DeRusha Law Firm's family mediators offer a Family Mediation Program.  The purpose of the program is:

  • to work with both sides equally, in exchange of basic information, and to put forward a proposal of resolution which reflects the application of the law and suits the individual needs and desires of both spouses.

  • to arrange for the drafting of a legally enforceable, binding written agreement which reflects the resolution of all issues.

  • if all issues cannot be resolved, but only some issues can be resolved, to prepare written agreements that may resolve some of the issues.

  • to make it possible for both spouses to report to the court (if the court system is necessary to resolve issues) that attempts have been made to mediate disagreements or issues.  The court system expects parties to attempt this process rather than proceeding through litigation which is generally considered to be the last resort and only to be used after mediation and negotiation approaches have been unsuccessful.

Please see our Mediation section for more information about this approach. 


Family Arbitrators

DeRusha Law Firm also offers arbitration services through Arbitration Works.  The purpose of arbitration is as follows: 

  • the arbitrator, working with the parties, determines what issues need to be resolved by way of a ruling by the arbitrator.

  • the issues decide what evidence may be appropriate for either side to put forward to the arbitrator.

  • the arbitrator prepares a ruling  “according to law.”

  • the arbitrator applies the law, and gives written reasons for the conclusion.

The arbitrators at Arbitration Works handle various areas of law including family law, estate law, and civil law

Family Law Litigators

It is sometimes necessary to bring a court proceeding in order to deal with issues that arise in family law disputes. In other words, rather than the spouses or partners resolving their separation between themselves, the need to have a judge in a courtoom decide. The family law litigators at DeRusha Law Firm have experience in varying levels of court throughout Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Toronto and Vaughan, including Peel Region, Halton Region, and York Region.

Our Skilled & Experienced Family Law Lawyers include:

  1. Family Law Specialist (as designated by the Law Society of Ontario)

  2. A lawyer who holds a Masters Degree in Family Law 

  3. Lawyers trained in Family Dispute Resolution

  4. Lawyers with family litigation experience in various levels of court including Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice, and Court of Appeal for Ontario.


If you need a marriage contract, separation agreement, divorce, custody and access schedule, or child or spousal support, the family lawyers at DeRusha Law Firm are here for you. Please call or email us today for a consultation at a reasonable cost.

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