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Why Hire Us?

Passion for our work

DeRusha Law Firm was established over 20 years ago. All of this experience may be used on any file because we have a cohesive approach, such that if a problem arises or a strategy needs to be developed, our people confer with each other to be sure that the best approach and strategy is being used, so that you can get the best results possible.

The lawyers, law students, and support staff at DeRusha Law Firm have a real passion to help people. We have chosen these areas of law because of the contact, communication and trust that is shared between us and our clients. Our firm wants to look after people in the specific areas of conflict resolution. We want to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible using collaborative approaches, negotiations, and agreements whenever possible. We have an excellent understanding of the law and if there are any tricky areas within our firm, there are lawyers who have the resources of being designated as a Specialist in Family Law. Haig DeRusha has a Masters in Civil Litigation and in Dispute Resolution (which also involves all areas of collaborative and dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation) and Golan Yaron has completed his Masters of Law in Family Law.


We use all tools for maintaining the best communication possible with you. In terms of communication, there can be complicated areas of concern. Rather than explaining this to you, we have detailed memos to give to you in writing, so that you can review it several times if you wish and understand it thoroughly. We are also pleased to provide you with a description of these memos in person or by other means such as email. However, the memos are already completed so that there is no significant lawyer time or support time used in giving this information to you if you are able to receive it and work with it in that manner. This results in a savings to you and allows us to focus on the areas that require our detailed attention. You can find a number of these memos on our Reference Material page.


Reputation for Quality Work

DeRusha Law Firm has a history of performing at the highest level possible. This means that other lawyers can rely on our documents, statements, and approach. We have the respect of judges and the court. In the area of family law, Haig DeRusha has been appointed as a Dispute Resolution Officer, which means that he presides at family law conferences as a judge would do. This is on a monthly basis and thus all of the lawyers who can assist in giving this perspective when they receive and review conference materials or when parties attend before a judge at a conference to explain the situation and to seek assistance from the court.  


Mediation Approach in Family Law

DeRusha Law Firm is supportive of and experienced in Mediation approaches to resolving conflicts. Haig DeRusha has completed a Masters program in Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution, which focused on mediation and he has been involved in collaborative programs. The lawyers work cohesively to appreciate all of the concepts of collaborative law and negotiation and four way meetings, and mediation is used whenever practical as a way to resolve issues in the most time efficient and inexpensive manner.


Advocacy Skills

DeRusha Law Firm lawyers are tops in the area of advocacy. If a case has to go to court, there are lawyers within DeRusha Law Firm that have experience in trials in the Provincial Court level, Superior Court level (with and without a jury), and at the Court of Appeal of Ontario and other levels of appeal court, including Divisional Court and Superior Court appeals. Advocacy is the art of appearing in a courtroom, or before a tribunal or arbitrator, and presenting the facts, law, and argument in the most effective manner possible. Our lawyers have all of the tools and resources of experts to present these arguments.


Cost to Client and Compensation to Lawyers and Staff

DeRusha Law Firm may not be for every person who has a legal problem because our objectives of providing the best services requires us to have the best lawyers and support staff. They must be reasonably compensated. Our compensation package for lawyers is based on merit and success, so that there is an incentive for the lawyer in looking after your file in the best way possible. Also, there are compensation arrangements in place so that when one lawyer speaks with another lawyer about the file, the client getting the benefit of two lawyers, sometimes one with the highest level of skills or experience in a specific area, but not at double the cost. The lawyers work together in a way in which it is noted in the file, and there is compensation that is paid for supervising by a senior lawyer or assisting another lawyer, so that we provide in a cohesive way the best quality of planning and execution.

We manage and reduce costs in other areas by having tasks completed by a junior lawyer, law student, or support staff at reduced hourly rates for you, so that there are many ways that we strive to keep the costs down.

Our business will look after your future and our business requires the best staff, well trained, with good equipment to get you the best result possible. When success is what you need, DeRusha Law Firm is who you should hire.


What We Don’t Do

DeRusha Law Firm does not provide legal services in tax litigation, pension valuation or residential real estate.   For this type of work we would refer you to other lawyers, assuming we have a pre-existing relationship and expectation that they will perform those services in the best way possible for you. We pride ourselves on our relationships with other firms.

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