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Mississauga Will Lawyer

At DeRusha Law Firm, our Mississauga Will lawyer will ensure your Will is written and executed correctly, ensuring it it a valid Will. If a Will is not deemed valid before a court, it can be challenged by would-be beneficiaries. Whether your Will is simple or complex, it is critical so that your property and other assets are distributed according to your wishes after your death. To state the obvious, a Will cannot be done retroactively. 


Defining your personal goals and planning your Will ahead of time will save your family problems and expense at a difficult time. Your Mississauga Will lawyer at DeRusha Law Firm will guide you every step of the way. 

Wills and Powers of Attorney must be exact, clear, and precise legal processes and documents; after your passing, it is too late to ask to get clarification. And, having a court involved if someone challenges your Will or estate, is time-consuming and expensive. 

Mississauga Will Lawyer and Powers of Attorney (POA)

Our Mississauga Will lawyer at DeRusha Law Firm can also draft your Powers of Attorney (POA) for Personal Care and Property (Finances). These two critical companion documents allow you to set out, in advance, who will make decisions regarding your personal care and finances if you become incapacitated and unable to look after these matters yourself.

If you plan ahead, your finances and health care will be in good hands at a critical time. If you are severely ill, on a ventillator, in a coma, or similar life support, it is almost impossible to create Powers of Attorney. Our Mississauga Will lawyer at DeRusha Law Firm will give you all the guidance you need to complete your Powers of Attorney.

The creation of the Will and Powers of Attorney, their storage and ongoing management is essential to looking after your interests. When working with our Mississauga Will lawyer at DeRusha Law Firm, your concerns and interests will be in good hands.

The lawyers at DeRusha Law Firm have been writing Wills in Mississauga for residents for decades and know how to advise you to create the best plan possible. We can help you draft your Will, Power of Attorney for Personal Care and Power of Attorney for Property (Finance).

Call us today for legal advice regarding your Will, Powers of Attorney, and estate matters.

Tips from a Mississauga Will lawyer, for surviving children

Our Mississauga Will lawyer at DeRusha Law Firm gives a number of tips for leaving an inheritance for your children:

  • If you have minor children (under age 18), you should appoint a legal guardian who will care for them, in the event of your death  

  • Unless you say otherwise, your children inherit everything from your estate at age 18

  • You may postpone your children inheriting your estate to any age and hold your estate "in trust" until time comes and many people choose the age 23, as by this time, most children have finished university or at least their first degree

  • Can direct trustee as to how or when to make funds available

  • If you have adult married children, and you have given your adult married children large sums of money or property, and you wish to prevent their spouses from inheriting your gifts in the event of a divorce, you can structure your Will to do this.

Tips from a Mississauga Will lawyer, on leaving property

Below are tips from our Mississauga Will lawyer at DeRusha Law Firm for leaving "Personal Property" in your Will:

  • Includes everything but land

  • Includes vehicles, bank accounts, and other items not specifically otherwise designated

Real Estate is handled this way:​

  • May not form part of your estate if it is held in “joint tenancy” [co-owned] (survivor receives)

  • If held “tenants in common,” your estate maintains your interests and your beneficiary receives

For more information see Information about Wills and Information about Powers of Attorney

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