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Equality in Family Law

Father and Children

DeRusha Law Firm, has a membership with, and supports the Canadian Center for Men and Families.


Fathers in matrimonial disputes can encounter numerous problems which may be gender related. In other words, they are treated differently because they are men.


Some of the areas of concern include the following:


  • Parental alienation (the mother is improperly influencing children against father)


  • Child support (the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) continues to try to collect child support in spite of the circumstances, taking away driver’s licences, garnishing wages, seizing bank accounts, seizing tax returns, and asking for jail time)


  • Custody conflicts (there is a historical bias towards the custody of the child going to the mother, and the belief that the mother should be in charge of a child)


  • Assault charges (when there is a dispute, the police are charging men, even though the man may report that he was assaulted)


The above are some of the examples, but there are many examples that show that men have been wrongly disadvantaged.


DeRusha Law Firm believes that men should be treated equally  to women.


This is why we are members of the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) and the Canadian Center for Men and Families.


As a father, or man, you may find support in this organization. Membership is less than $10 per month, and they have many programs, events, discounts, and conferences that you may find beneficial. You can find out information about this organization here.


The skilled and experienced family law lawyers at DeRusha Law Firm support these concepts and will advance your interests fully.

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