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We are always grateful when clients give us positive feedback as to their experiences and how we have helped them through their legal problems.  Set out below are just some of what people have said about our services. Some names have been left out or only initials used to protect client confidentiality.

Happy and relieved that we chose the right group to help us conquer our battle, and we won!

My husband and I came to Syed, and his team when we were referred for help. 


We didn't want to work with just anyone, we wanted to work with someone who was willing to take our situation as seriously as we did, and treat us with priority, and honesty; and Syed is exactly that. Syed and team, responded to every phone call, and every email with impeccable timing, and efficiency.


Syed took our case personally, with patience and a strategy that with an end result that my husband and I set out to accomplish. 


Syed got us to the finish line quickly, and without breaking our budget.


We would like to thank Syed and his team for all their help with our situation. 


We are so much happier and relieved that we chose the right group to help us conquer our battle, and we won. 


Thank you!

R & B

Best Decision I Ever Made

I had a very messy divorce and agreement. I do believe that some of the lawyers I have dealt with only care for their financial month end results and do not care that they are dealing with people lives, kids and their future. After years of struggle and bad advice and agreement, I was referred to DeRusha Law firm by another very good lawyer that I have dealt for other matters. Hiring Mr. DeRusha was the best decision I ever made.

His case presentation is amazing and his detailing of the case is superb. Mr. DeRusha is at the very top. He uses the latest in technology to grasp every detail of the case and he uses his common sense, intelligence and supreme knowledge to resolve the case.

Mr. DeRusha and his professional legal assistant (B.L.) put the entire case together with every aspect and detail that it requires, along with care for it as if it was their very own.

I certainly don’t wish to go through another divorce experience but I hope my review can help someone else suffering out there. If you have a reasonable to hard case, contact this supreme lawyer and have a consultation. It maybe the best call you ever made. It was for me.


Legal Acuity and Compassion

I found DeRusha Law Firm not only provided the legal services that I needed, but also the human element that not every law firm does.  A rare combination of legal acuity and compassion.  A law firm that works for you and with you.


A Professional I Can Trust

When it came time to finding a lawyer for my divorce, I was most fortunate in discovering DeRusha Law Firm online. From our first meeting I realized my lawyer was a professional that I could fully trust. Her knowledge, integrity, and honesty provided me with the confidence and support that I required during this sensitive time for me. The service I received from everyone at DeRusha Law Firm was extremely professional and very efficient. I would highly recommend DeRusha Law Firm to any individual who requires any representation in family matters.


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In Good Hands

Though these kinds of issues are never pleasant, I felt we were in good hands with all of you.  When I had a conversation with Haig, I felt that apart from being a good lawyer, he cares.  I will absolutely come back.

Sergio N.

Practical Approach to Problem Solving

I have been very satisfied and pleased with the work done by Mr. Haig DeRusha and members of his firm.

I came to Mr. DeRusha because I needed someone who specialized in family law.  I found him to be calming, highly-principled, and determined.  Because of his background and experience, he understands human nature very clearly.  Sometimes I had to adjust my approach if he felt it was not the best but he always explained why something was or was not desirable.  My situation was very complex and the lawyer on the other side continually threatened trial as a way to intimidate and force concessions.  I worried a lot, but Mr. DeRusha’s practical approach to problem solving and confict management was highly reassuring.  I wish I had retained Mr. DeRusha earlier instead of trying to act for myself at the beginning. 

Friends who were aware of my situation also thought Mr. DeRusha was doing a very good job on my behalf.  I was asked several times for his contact information for friends-of-friends who needed a strong advocate and to my knowledge no one I referred was disappointed.  I would not hesitate to retain Mr. DeRusha in the future or to refer others to him."


Exceptional Job

I would like to extend my thanks to you and your firm for an exceptional job that has been done for me.  I am happy for all the work that was done, your understanding of my situation, and your patience and time. I will refer anyone I know to your firm.

Richard C.

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Very Satisfied With Outcome

I was about to endure the process of separation and divorce.  I had never encountered any serious legal issues during my life and the whole mess seemed so daunting.  Not only was I going to lose my spouse, but I was also going to be financially ruined.  My lawyer patiently explained my legal situation to me and ultimately resolved my case, which was a tremendous relief.  I was very satisfied with the outcome.

Glen B.

Made to Feel Very Comfortable

I do have to say that my lawyer made me feel very comfortable with speaking about a subject that often causes me such anxiety. DeRusha is an office I would readily refer to someone in need as there was no "push" to retain a lawyer and I was told of my options very clearly and politely. I feel much better and more confident in my upcoming decisions.

Amy S.

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