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Bullying in the Wokplace

Bullying in an employment law context is a form of mistreatment or harassment. It can take the form of aggressive behaviour or intimidation. If you believe you are being bullied, contact one of our Mississauga employment lawyers, at DeRusha Law Firm. 


In some circumstances, bullying could constitute constructive dismissal, which means that the bullied employee could choose end the relationship, and seek damages for dismissal.

If bullying is the grounds for the employee's departure, it is a situation in which it would not be appropriate that that employee worked throughout what will be considered to be a normal employment notice period.


To determine whether bullying has occurred, and to bring it to an end, or bring the employment relationship to an end, there needs to be a detailed review as to what has occurred. The employee should speak with an experienced Mississauga lawyer, at DeRusha Law Firm.


To obtain a no charge consultation, and to consider whether you should obtain a full evaluation, with options and legal advice, contact us.

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