Unbundled Services in Family Law

At DeRusha Law, we understand that not everyone can afford to have a lawyer with them every step of the way in a court proceeding.   This is why we offer unbundled services to assist you to have the best documents possible to present your position to the court.  Our lawyers are experienced in preparing the necessary court documents required in family law litigation and know the intricacies of the Family Law Rules.   


Our unbundled services allows you to budget how much you will be spending in legal fees.  You would be self-represented in court, and you can choose what specific tasks or documents you would like our assistance with.  If you wish one of our lawyers to attend court with you, this can be done.  If you would prefer that we assist in document preparation and you attend court on your own, this is also a choice you can make.  We are here to assist you in whatever ways you would like.

Step 1 - Family Law Pleadings

includes the Application, a Financial Statement, and Affidavit in Support of Custody and Access (with HST and copies totalling $1,000 or less)


Step 2 - Case Conference Brief

includes preparing the Case Conference Brief and Confirmation Form – $500 (with HST and copies, with Affidavit of Service totalling $600 or less)


Step 3 - Settlement Conference Brief

includes the Settlement Conference Brief which is more complicated than the Case Conference Brief, as it requires proposals for resolution, and there should be a Net Family Property Statement, and the Confirmation Form – $700 (with HST, copies, and Affidavit of Service totalling $900 or less)


Step 4 - Trial Management Conference Brief

which is more complicated than the Settlement Conference Brief, as it requires names of witnesses, information, and some trial plans. – $900 (with HST, copies and Affidavit of Service totalling $1,000 or less)


Step 5 - Document Brief

which is the supporting documents which may include income tax returns, RRSP statements or other documents in an indexed format, fees – $450 (with HST and copies so that materials can be properly served, would be a total of $550 or less)


Step 6 - Offer to Settle

which is a proposal for resolution of issues, in an Offer to Settle format, with covering letter for service – $450 (with HST and copies, and Affidavit of Service, would be a total of $550 or less)


Step 7 - Revising Financial Statement

the rules require that these documents be updated when information comes in and there has to be an updated one prior to Trial, or as the Family Law Rules require – $450 (with HST and copies, and Affidavit of Service would be a total of $550 or less)


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The above is for the preparation of the documents, but not any attendance by a lawyer, or negotiation with the other side.

Many cases are settled at an earlier stage than going through all of the above steps. However, if a self-represented person required the above documents to take the matter from beginning to end, for fees, the total charge for all of the above steps (1 to 7) would be $4,350, plus HST and disbursements.  If one looks to the maximum anticipated figure, the addition of all those amounts, would be $5,050 or less. Thus, rounded off, the figure that may be needed to take the matter through all of those steps to allow a judge to make a final ruling on all issues that a trial would be $5,000.


The client would be responsible for court filing fees, and other similar related experiences, plus any cost for appraisals of property or valuing of property or items.

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