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At DeRusha Law Firm, our lawyers offer, in most cases, free 30 minute consultations. This process begins when you provide detailed information to us. It may be that we respond by sending materials to you. The time in this background process is part of the consultation time. The balance of the time would be when the meeting takes place. 

There may be discounted consultations in which our lawyers reduce their rates for the time spent in the initial meeting or discussion. The objective is to provide what you want in these areas as part of the consultation or background. It may be that the consultation and general advice process is all that is warranted. 

Engaging lawyers is not always the best way to deal with a problem, and it may be that there are other potential solutions. This is part of what is discussed in the consultation process.

To schedule a consultation, a preferred approach of our firm is for you to contact our office by telephone (905-625-2874), and we will obtain background information from you, so that we can commence the consultation process with a review and consideration before the meeting occurs. 

Purpose of Consultations
  1. For you to get information from the lawyer as to the nature of the legal problem as we see it, and whether a lawyer is important or necessary to assist you in sorting this out and how a lawyer may assist. 

  2. For you to meet with the lawyer and firm that may be representing you if you hire us, and to understand how the hiring arrangement would work.

  3. The lawyer may make some factual inquiries, but this is intended to be limited. That type of process involves more time, reviewing all of the possible relevant factors, researching law and providing our comments to you in writing.  However, this more detailed approach falls under the category of General Advice.  The process for obtaining this general advice, and the cost of this general advice would be discussed during the consultation.


As we provide you with commentary or if we provide you with general information, the Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario) concludes that we have a solicitor-client relationship with you because we have received confidential information.  To comply with these obligations, the Law Society requires us to obtain photo identification which may be a drivers license, passport, or other similar photo identification, which must be brought to the meeting. 

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