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Marriage Couselling is Important

Holding Hands

Marriages, common-law situations, and relationships between spouses, with or without children, are challenging.


There can come a time when changes are necessary. Changes are never easy. They can be challenging and scary.


Marriage therapy and family therapy needs a professional with skills and experience. The family law lawyers at DeRusha Law Firm are fortunate to have a resource available just down the road from our office.


Sonia PanchyshynM.S.W. R.S.W., is a compassionate, dedicated, therapist with a passion for helping people. She has over 30 years of experience. If a relationship can be restored, she will be the glue that helps you keep it together.


Sonia knows her strengths, and enlists other professionals that can assist with  client needs that are not her strongest areas. This is an indication of a true professional.


DeRusha Law Firm wants what is best for individuals and families. This may be the family being able to stay intact, and that would be an excellent result. If separation is necessary, it should be done in an atmosphere of focusing on children that are affected.


Sonia is an example of an excellent referral and resource available to clients of DeRusha Law Firm. There may be some reduction in the costs because of the referral.


When things look difficult, and you are struggling, a resource such as Sonia, who works with families and adolescents, may be a lifesaver.

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