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Avoiding Court Costs Through Estate Mediation

We offer services to mediate concerns that involve estates, wills, powers of attorney, guardians or property, and other legal questions that involve the division of property in estate matters. This service is offered through Family Mediation Works

Collaborative Approach

Mediation involves a collaborative approach, where the parties can decide whether to use lawyers, each having their own, one party having a lawyer, or the parties may decide to resolve all conflicts without the use of any individual lawyers. 

Instead, the mediator, who is also a skilled and experienced lawyer, may be able to mediate the conflict to an acceptable resolution. The final result may be an executed agreement with independent legal advice being sought by the parties, or if they choose not to proceed with independent legal advice, they decide that the agreement is understandable and to their satisfaction, without the need for engaging a lawyer. 

These are all the types of choices that can be made in the process to mediate an estate.  


Your Estate Mediator

We currently have two estate mediators, Haig DeRusha and Syed Kabir.  In terms of skills and experiences of the mediators, these may include the following:

  • Is a licensed lawyer working with at least five years of experience, often 20 or more years, and in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario

  • May be a person appointed by the Superior Court of the Province of Ontario as a Dispute Resolution Officer to sit at conferences in the judicial system

  • May have significant experience instructing at the Law Society Bar Admission Program for the Province of Ontario in areas that may include negotiation or professional responsibility.

  • May have attended various programs about dispute resolution or mediation processes

  • May have attended numerous mediation or arbitration processes outside of the court system

Both sides will engage in discussions about the mediator and mediation process at the initial mediation consultation. Thereafter we could go right into the mediation consultation process.

You can read more about our Estate Mediation Program as offered through Family Mediation Works.

The First Step in Estate Mediation

Your first step is to contact our office and go through an initial questionnaire with one of our law clerks. You may call our office during regular business hours at 905-625-2874 or email us. Or you may complete our Contact Form which will be reviewed by one of our senior lawyers and someone will get back to you.

Learn more about out Estate Mediation Process

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