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Mississauga Severance Lawyer

Severance in the practice of employment law is compensation that an employee receives when an employer terminates him or her, or when there is a resignation and termination, or when there is a mutual agreement to part ways.


Severance can involve a number of conditions, including pay in lieu of notice, pension benefits, holidays and sick days, health benefits, life insurance, life insurance continuation, and perhaps other individual concerns.


Severance is something that is ordinarily negotiated, looking at a number of detailed factors, including but not limited to the length of time the employment has existed, the remuneration and bonuses ordinarily paid, the total benefit packages that are ordinarily in place, and other factors.


Severance requires a careful review to seek a fair and balanced resolution. To obtain this review, there should be information obtained and discussions with experienced, and professional lawyers, and sometimes accountants.


To obtain a no charge consultation, and to consider whether there should be a full evaluation with discussion of options, which would include negotiation and, if necessary, mediation and/or court (but preferably resolved by agreement) contact DeRusha Law Firm.

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