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My spouse and I separated, and the children live with her.  Should I pay child support to her for th

Child support is both a moral issue, and a legal issue. Someone has to pay for a child to have reasonable opportunities and to pay for their basics needs. The concept of the court system is that people should voluntarily pay what is proper and realistic in the circumstances. If they do not, and the matter comes before the court, the court will impose the rules about support that are set out in the legislation, Child Support Guidelines, and according to other cases which have been decided by the court. The court may also make one side pay the legal costs of the other if they are not being realistic in their position.

Determining what is the amount the court may impose requires a financial analysis of the situation. Family lawyers are able to do this to assist in determining what may be a realistic proposal for support. Mediators can work with both sides, but since this would be a financial issue, it would be best to have a “comprehensive mediator,” so that both sides may receive some guidance about what are the legal principles that apply, and thus a family lawyer/mediator may be able to assist. Our firm has family lawyer/mediators that can assist you in this process.

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