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Excerpts from The Criminal Code
Uttering threats

• 264.1 (1) Every one commits an offence who, in any manner, knowingly utters, conveys or causes any person to receive a threat
  (a) to cause death or bodily harm to any person;
  (b) to burn, destroy or damage real or personal property; or
  (c) to kill, poison or injure an animal or bird that is the property of any person.


• 265. (1) A person commits an assault when
  (a) without the consent of another person, he applies force intentionally to that other person, directly or indirectly;
  (b) he attempts or threatens, by an act or a gesture, to apply force to another person, if he has, or causes that other person to believe on reasonable grounds that he has, present ability to effect his purpose; or
  (c) while openly wearing or carrying a weapon or an imitation thereof, he accosts or impedes another person or begs.

Aggravated assault

• 268. (1) Every one commits an aggravated assault who wounds, maims, disfigures or endangers the life of the complainant.

Assault with a weapon or causing bodily harm

267. Every one who, in committing an assault,
• (a) carries, uses or threatens to use a weapon or an imitation thereof, or
• (b) causes bodily harm to the complainant,
is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years or an offence punishable on summary conviction and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding eighteen months.

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